Pipeline Engineering

Pipelines Design:

  • Pipeline Hydraulic Design.
  • Pipeline Mechanical design & Stress Analysis.
  • Sub-sea lines Design.
  • Slug-catchers Design.
  • System Operability Analysis.
  • Pipeline Control systems Design.

Transients Analysis:

  • Optimized sizing sor Slug-catchers especially for long multiphase pipelines.
  • Design of control and safety elements.
  • Determination of the best procedure for start-up and shut­ down.
  • Determination of the best procedure for pigging.
  • Determination of the parameters for Feedback controllers to be implemented for flow and pressure control.

Flow Assurance:

Flow Assurance services for Offshore and Onshore installations using:

  • Sub-Sea lines and Risers.
  • Onshore Pipelines and Flowlines. Flow Assurance deals with:
  • Hydrate Prediction and Prevention in Gas Lines.
  • Wax Prediction and Prevention in oil lines.
  • CO2 Corrosion Evaluation.
  • Erosion Evaluation.